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Black Tourmaline

repels negative energy

eases anxiety, grounding

Black Obsidian

grounding, protection

deeper healing


prosperity, success, positivity

balance, mental clarity

Rose Quartz

l;ove, self-care, joy

emotional healing


clears negative energy

healing, clarity

Tumbled or raw crystals are a personal preference. Note that you can get splinters from raw selenite. And, of course, if you are drawn to a particular stone or crystal, by all means, use it!!

Clear Quartz

energy, positivity, clarity

acts as an amplifier


cleansing, protection

calming, inspirational


courage, endurance, energy

motivation, creativity

If you have never worked with crystals before, here are some good ones to start with!

Beginner Crystals

courtesy of The Boho Witchery

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