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Cosmic Alchemy

A holistic strategy for business success

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Cosmic Alchemy for Business

Growth, decision making, and employee well-being.

Connect to the spirit of your business with Cosmic Alchemy for Business. By harnessing the power of metaphysical and spiritual practices, our session centers on the practical application of intuitive insights to create a sense of direction and purpose. This service is tailored for the bold and ambitious, for those wanting to align spiritual and energetic principles with practical business considerations. Cosmic Alchemy for Business offers a holistic approach to business growth, decision-making, and employee well-being. 

Cosmic Alchemy is more than just a service; it's a therapeutic connection to the spirit of your business. I believe that intuition, cosmic forces, and strategic planning are powerful ingredients for building a thriving business. Let me be your guide as you unlock your true potential and watch your business flourish!

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Our Session Includes

Tarot Reading for Business

Gain valuable insights into your ventures, potential roadblocks, and hidden opportunities through an intuitive tarot and oracle reading. I will interpret the relationship between the cards, offering guidance and strategies to navigate your organization’s journey with confidence.

Business Astrology Chart

Uncover the cosmic blueprint of your business with a personalized business astrology chart reading. I will analyze the major celestial alignments for your organization, revealing hidden strengths, potential challenges, and optimal timing for major decisions.

Reiki Energy Work

Through energy alignment, I will channel the universal energy of Reiki to help your business overcome obstacles, boost general productivity, and maintain clarity amidst the daily hustle. Reiki energy work can restore the energy of your business by dispelling negative energies and promoting a more peaceful and harmonious environment. 

Follow-up Strategy Call

Turn insights into action! Enjoy a complimentary follow-up call (approx 45 min) with me to discuss any questions that may come up as you implement the guidance based on your readings and chart. We can discuss next steps, navigate potential challenges, and maximize your chances of success.

Want More Information to See if Cosmic Alchemy is Right For You?

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A holistic approach to business.

Cosmic Alchemy for Business

$349 per session

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