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Creating Purpose & Intention
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The Membership

Purpose, Reason and Connection

So many times our inner voice is put on hold while we deal with the day to day tasks of real life - laundry, meals, cleaning, shopping, carpooling, working outside of the home, activities, and more.


It feels like there isn’t time in the day to add one more thing, much less add a practice that requires time, effort, space in your home, or even child care! 

That’s where the Nebula can help. 


The Nebula is a membership for people who are searching for a sense of purpose, reason, and connection. For those who know we should be following our calling and soul’s purpose, but we aren’t quite sure what that is.


A membership that allows us to have that sense of fulfillment and a core knowing that we are doing what was meant for us, without asking us to walk away from our current spiritual practice or block out hours a week to accomplish it.


It’s membership that will allow you to add a little magic to your life while supplementing your current spiritual practice. It’s a place where stars are born and learn to shine. 

Weekly Ritual

Specifically created to help you be more intentional. This ritual can be done at any time throughout the week. It will be emailed and will include an explanation and any instructions, if needed. 

Monthly Q & A

Ask your questions directly to me or other special guests. Times and days will vary in order to give everyone a chance to participate. 

Gift Events

When we hold a give-away, our current paid members automatically get one entry into the drawing. The prize and value will vary but you could win a free reading, crystal, birth chart, tarot deck, etc. 

 Moon Energy Readings

Readings for significant celestial events for our membership as a collective. 

Guest Stars

Early access to our special events! This might be myself, or a special guest, providing information or presenting on various topics, such as meditation, sound healing, tarot reading, astrology, the law of attraction and more. 

Member Pricing

As a Nebula member, you’ll receive special pricing for members only on readings, products, special events and workshops. 

Want More Information to See if The Nebula is Right For You?

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Join The Nebula

Intention & Purpose


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