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Add This to Your To-Do List

The Benefit of Pausing

More often than not, many of us find ourselves rushing through our days, jumping from one activity to the next  - making breakfast, getting the kids dressed, heading to work, skipping lunch for a meeting, grabbing fast food for dinner on the way home, doing baths and bedtime, only to start it all over again the next day. If this sounds like your typical day, the most important thing you can do is to add one more thing to your to-do list…a sixty second pause. 

In between tasks and activities, just stop for a moment and be still. Much like a transition in a slide presentation, give yourself a full thirty to sixty seconds to just “be” and create intentional space between chores, tasks, projects, and to-do list items. An intentional pause slows us down. It allows us to breathe. To become present. 

Now, I don’t mean you can hold up the carpool lane or to stop in your tracks on a bustling sidewalk, but when you get back home or into your office, sit and do nothing for a full sixty seconds. Take a minute in the breakroom before your next meeting or phone call to bring yourself back to center. Step outside in between putting the groceries away and folding the laundry. 

Taking a physical pause allows you to recalibrate and refocus. It slows you down so you can be fully aware of your next move. You are literally breaking the cycle of rushing from one thing to another. Filling your day with purposeful, transitional moments results in you being more intentional about your next activity, which can allow you to recognize the purpose and meaning behind it. Knowing that your day was filled with things that had meaning and purpose can help you feel fulfilled and accomplished. And we all deserve to feel that way about our days, our weeks, and our lives.

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