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Ideas for Snow Magic

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of winter, you have to admit there is something magical about snow. How can there not be? Trillions of snowflakes fall every year, each one individual and unique. Combined and freshly fallen, they absorb sound, creating a sense of calm and tranquility. So the next time it snows, take a moment to appreciate Mother Nature’s invitation to pause. Then gather some and try a few of these magical ideas!

❄ Draw sigils in the snow.

❄ Build a snowman with intention (protection, happiness, etc.).

❄ Add snow to a simmer pot.

❄ Collect snow to use in your bath or shower.

❄ Speak your worries into snowballs, then throw them as far as you can. Smashing them works, too! A step by step how-to can be found here.

❄ Add some snow to your freezer spells.

❄ Melt and boil some snow to make tea (make sure to sterilize first!).

❄ Gather some in a bowl and place it on your alter, desk, nightstand, etc. to call in balance and peace as it melts.

❄ Snow water can be used for cleaning and added to your room sprays for tranquility. 

❄ Play! Renew your energy and spirit by having fun - go sledding or have a snowball fight. 

❄ Definitely make snow angels!!

❄ Save some (melted or in your freezer) to use in spells and rituals where you want to add healing, cleansing, or purification. 

❄ Try snow divination! Gather snow in a mason jar or bowl and watch it melt. Note any images you see or messages you receive from your intuition or guides.

❄ Meditate - go for a walk just after a snowfall. Embrace the silence, inhale the cool air, and just be. 

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