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Let it Go... Throw Snow!

Stress, anxiety, worry. It builds in us like the snowball effect. It can start small, but the more we think about it, the bigger it grows. It’s probably not realistic, it’s probably exaggerated, and we’ve probably created a snowstorm out of a snowflake. But now it feels real.  Like an avalanche waiting to happen. 

Throwing snowballs can be a fun, easy way to help release your stress and worry. It’s a little physical, a little mental, and a little magical, all rolled into one!

Here’s how to throw your worry away:

  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Feel the crisp, cold air filling your lungs and clearing your head. 

  1. Call to mind what’s causing you any kind of stress or worry. 

  1. As you gather the snow and start making your snowball, think about packing the snow and ice around your worry. Squeeze it tight - all of your anxieties and frustrations are being compacted into the ball. Let any negativity you are feeling be transferred through your hands into the snow as you shape the snowball. It’s also helpful to express your feelings and thoughts about the situation out loud, vocally putting your worry into the snowball. 

  1. Then, take aim at an open space, tree, or fence. Anything but another person! With all your might, hurl the snowball, channeling your pent-up negativity into the throw. 

  1. Watch it sail through the air, carrying your worries with it. As it explodes in a burst of white, imagine your anxieties shattering along with it.

  1. Release and repeat as needed!

With each throw, consciously feel the tension leave your shoulders and your jaw relax. 

This isn’t just about throwing snow. It’s about acknowledging your worries, giving them a tangible form, and symbolically letting them go. It’s a playful reminder that even our heaviest burdens can melt away. 

You can find more magical uses for snow here.

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