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Magical Snow Angels

Making snow angels is a fun wintertime activity, enjoyed by both children and adults, that dates back to medieval times. Legend has it, the first snow angels were made by medieval mystics who believed that rolling around in the snow helped remove evil urges. It’s easy to see how they might have thought that - the stillness created by freshly fallen snow, coupled with the rhythmic movement can be very calming and peaceful. 

In witchcraft and magic, snow angels can be used for protection, harmony, or even wishes. It’s a simple matter of intention, no extra ingredients or tools are necessary. All you need is a good covering of snow. Fresh, light powdery snow is best, but any kind of snow will work.  Here are some ideas for adding a little bit of personal magic into your angel making.

❄️ When you first lie in the snow, take a minute to really be present in the moment. Feel the cold air on your face and how it fills your lungs when you breathe. Look up and appreciate the view of the sky, the trees, and anything else above you. Truly be present in this moment of tranquility. Appreciate the wonder of a billion individual snowflakes coming together to create a blanket of white for Mother Earth.  

❄️ Make a protection angel in your front yard. As you create it, have the intention that it will bring peace and harmony into your home, watching over your front door and cleansing any negative energy that tries to enter. You can even make several around your home or yard! Sort of a “castle guard” for your home. 

❄️ Your snow angel can be used as an offering to your personal guardian angel or one of the Archangels, such as Michael or Metatron. Ask your angel for protection and guidance. 

❄️ To honor one of the winter deities, such as Boreas, Morana or Cailleach, your snow angel can be decorated with leaves, sticks, berries, stones, etc. You can also use water tinted with food coloring in a spray bottle to make your angel bright and colorful. 

If you have never made a snow angel before, here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Find untouched snow. Fresh is better

  2. Carefully lie down on your back - try to keep legs together and arms in a T

  3. Move your arms and legs back and forth, like you are doing jumping jacks. Don’t let your arms go completely over your head.

  4. Carefully get up (this is where it helps to have a friend pull you up) trying not to disturb the pattern you made.

  5. Your angel is complete!

If you’re interested in more ways to use snow as a magical practice, I wrote a short article a few days ago. You can read it here

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