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Moon Water Made Simple

Collecting and using moon water has become a very popular thing lately! However, it's one of the basics for most of us practicing our craft. It’s so easy and versatile, almost everyone makes a batch. Moon Water is simply water that has been set with an intention and placed in the moonlight to absorb the moon’s energy. Different phases of the moon can be used depending on your intent. Here, we are making Full Moon Water.

What You Need

  • A glass or plastic container (lid optional)

  • Drinking water (can be from the tap!)

  • A place that receives some moonlight

How To Do It

Cleanse your container. This can be done with a sprinkle of salt shaken inside, then poured out; incense or even a selenite wand or stone.

Set your intention. This can be something you want to release or manifest. Try to be clear about your intention. Sometimes I make moon water with the intention of releasing negative thoughts or manifesting more kindness in my day.

Keep your intention in your mind as you fill your container with water. You could even speak your intention out loud as the water fills your jar. “I call upon the energy of the moon to help me banish my negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts of encouragement. So be it and so it is.”

Place your container under the moonlight the night of a full moon. This could be outside, on a window sill or dresser, or even on your car’s dashboard! I prefer to place mine outside on our patio. In this case, I use a container with a lid, especially if I will be using my water to make tea or something else consumable.

Bring your container back inside before the sun hits it. Sun Water is a different thing! Now your water is ready to use.

Some Uses for Moon Water

The key here is to remember what your intention was as you add or use it! For example, as you add the water to a recipe, remember that it represents positive thoughts.

Use it to make tea or coffee

  • Replace regular water with it in any recipe

  • Rinse your hair with it after shampooing

  • Add some essential oils and use it as a room spray

  • Water your plants

  • Add it to your bath water

  • Add it to your laundry water

  • Make a simmer pot

Tips & Hints

If you plan on consuming your moon water in any way, please use a lid. Especially if you are leaving your container outside.

While the energy of the Full Moon light is the strongest on the actual night, you can also do it the night before and after for the same effect.

Don’t worry about clouds or not having direct moonlight. Just like the sunlight still reaches the earth through the clouds, so does the moonlight.

You can set a whole case of bottled water out in the moonlight at one time! I like to do this and set the intention that each bottle promotes positive self esteem and happiness for whomever drinks it.

What do you like to use moon for?

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