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Start Each Month Magically

New Month Magic

Start every month magically by doing these three things:

  1. Make the first words you say be “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”. Saying rabbit three times is an old superstition that’s said to bring abundance to you.

  1. Use your broom and sweep negativity out of your front door. Focus on intentionally  sweeping negative energy and “vibes” out, while you are physically sweeping your floor. Cleaning itself stirs up the energy of a room or space. Invite positive energy to stay and the negative energy to leave.

  1. Blow a pinch of cinnamon across the main entrance of your home. Take a little bit of ground cinnamon in the palm of your hand and blow it through your front door - from the outside to the inside. This is a ritual that is said to call in abundance and prosperity. (You can do this for all the doors you use - i.e. your garage entrance and front door.)

If you forget to do these on the first of the month, don’t worry! Magic is all about intention - do it when you remember to. Intention is stronger than the actual act. 

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