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Tarot, Yoga & Setting Intentions

Throughout the years that I’ve been reading tarot, there have been many periods where I’ve felt disconnected to my practice or “fallen out” of the habit of reading consistently. While this is totally fine, and it’s natural for our connection to our spirituality to change over time, it can be hard to get back into reading when you’re ready! To make things easier, I like to incorporate my tarot readings into my yoga practices. This is a great way for beginner readers to get practice with their deck and tap into their intuition as well.

I really love yoga, and I practice multiple times per week. At the beginning of each practice, as I step onto my mat I like to spend a few minutes grounding myself, clearing my mind, and setting intentions for the practice/day. When I’m feeling lost or disconnected, tarot can be a great tool for intention setting! Here’s what I do:

  • Start in a comfortable position on your mat (cross-legged seat, kneeling, sitting on a block, etc.)

  • Take 5 deep, full breaths - in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Direct the breath into your stomach (not your chest!), and fully release the air on the out-breath. Sometimes I even like to audibly sigh the air out - it’s so relaxing!

  • Notice anything that comes up for you as you’re breathing. Are there any physical sensations? Do any emotions arise? Are you anxious, sad, confused, happy? No judgment here, just observations.

  • When you’re feeling more grounded, grab your favorite tarot deck - the one that you feel most connected with.

  • Shuffle the deck as many times as you need. While you’re shuffling, think about the observations you made. Ask the deck, “What do I need to know for today?”

  • Pull a card, and use your intuition to tap into any reflections you can make. What is this card trying to tell you? Pull clarifiers if needed.

  • Turn that reflection into an intention. Some examples: (don’t be afraid to get creative!)

    • If you pull the ace of wands: I am open to new experiences.

    • If you pull the six of swords: I release anything that no longer serves me.

    • If you pull the two of cups: I am surrounded by love and harmony.

    • If you pull the nine of pentacles: I am independent and secure.

  • Keep breathing, and repeat your intention to yourself a few times. Then continue with your yoga practice, incorporating any postures that resonate with your intention and coming back to its repetition anytime you need.

After I do this for a few days, I’m usually feeling much more inspired and connected with my cards, allowing my intuition to open up again! Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you!

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