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The Best Thing That Happened

One of my favorite spiritual practices is so simple, yet so effective. 

It’s a practice that builds on the gratitude theory - that if we are appreciative of all that we currently have, our vibration is raised and, we therefore, attract more things with the same higher vibration. 

As I am getting ready for bed each night, I determine the best thing that happened to me that day. 

As I recall the day's events, I am saying to myself was that the best thing that happened? And I might think of something else. Or five more things. I start to recollect the good memories from the day, all the ones that made me smile or feel accomplished or satisfied. Not only am I making myself end the day on a positive note, I am giving my brain a huge dose of dopamine before I fall asleep. Wouldn’t you rather fall asleep thinking about happy things instead of your worries? 

Recognizing all of the good things that are happening in our day to day lives is so important. Especially when we are caught up in a comparison culture and feeling like we haven’t achieved our dreams and goals. Maybe the best thing that happened to you today was landing a new client. Maybe the best thing was cuddling with your dog while you read a book. Whatever it is that makes you the happiest, relish in it. Enjoy it. Remember how it made you feel. 

Now what happens on those days when nothing goes right? We all have them - the worst day ever. The type of day when we wish we never even got out of bed. How do you find the best thing that happened to you on a day like that? Well, you dig really deep and find a glimmer. Or you go back to basics. Did you have food to eat? Do you have a bed to sleep in? Do you have running water? And you can always use the old standby of “the best thing that happened today is that it’s over”. 

But as you practice this daily, you may come to find that you have more days with lots of good things happening and fewer days where things weren’t so great. It goes back to that gratitude theory of raising your energetic vibration. The more you appreciate and recognize the good things, the more they manifest for you. One best thing at a time. 

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