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The Cardinal - A Spiritual Messenger

The cardinal, with its vibrant red hue and melodic song, is recognized in many practices and religions as a sign from the spirit world. Some religions view the cardinal as the essence of the Holy Spirit itself or as a messenger between the spirit world and our own. More commonly, the cardinal is seen as a departed loved one visiting from the other side of the veil. Seeing one can provide comfort in times of need and they often show up when you are thinking of someone or asking for their spiritual guidance. 

As spirit guides, cardinals deliver messages of encouragement and reassurance. They are a reminder to be confident and alert. Frequent sightings of these charming creatures are considered a sign of good fortune. They also represent loyalty, domestic harmony,  luck, manifestation, and even transformation!

The cardinal is a positive sign. It reminds you that you are divinely protected and guided on life's journey.

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