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The Magic of Lemon Soap

You can invoke some magic every time you wash your hands by using lemon soap! 🍋

Lemons symbolize protections, cleansing, and focus. They also represent happiness and joy.

So it’s not only easy, but practical to use lemon soap in your kitchen and bathrooms.

But don’t just stick it on the counter, call in the energy you want and set your intentions to elevate its purpose and make it more meaningful.

Here’s how:

🍋   Take your bar or bottle of soap in your hands. 

🍋   Hold it for a moment and envision negativity and bad energy washing away.

You can do this by visualizing soapy water going down the drain. 

If visualizing isn’t your thing, then think about how the water feels running off your hands. 

🍋  Now focus on feelings of happiness. It helps if you smile, too!

🍋  State take those intentions and say them out loud or in your mind. 

It can be something like “This soap clears away negative energy and attracts joy every time it is used. It is sealed.” 

Of course, you can close your intention however you wish to (so mote it be, etc.)

Everyone who now uses the soap will get a little magical boost of happiness. 🍋

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