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The Quiet Hour

Taking a Moment One Step Further...

When it comes to being intentional when performing routine tasks and activities, the Quiet Hour is the big sister of The Pause. The quiet hour is sixty minutes each week of intentionally doing nothing. This means just sitting - no phones, no computers, no tv, no book, no journaling. 

It’s a time to give your brain and body a rest. A solid hour of nothingness. Like most people, you may automatically be thinking that there is no way you have an hour anywhere in your schedule to just do nothing. You're stressed out and overwhelmed as it is and now you have to find more time? For literally nothing?

But it’s so important that you make the time for this - which may mean staying up later than everyone else in your household or rising an hour before the regular alarm. Maybe it’s immediately after you drop the kids at school or camp. Or your lunch hour at work. Once you’ve made the time to do nothing, grab a cup of tea or coffee or a big glass of water. Sit in the silence, wherever you are -  home, your car, even the library. If the weather cooperates, you can even sit outside. 

While you sit and do nothing, be fully present in the moment and aware of what’s happening around you. Focus on the smells and the sounds, whether it’s birds chirping or the hum of your refrigerator. Is the neighbor’s dog barking? Can you hear a train in the distance? How about the living room clock ticking? It’s ok to let your thoughts wander, but don’t focus on any to-do list items. Push thoughts like that aside for the moment. Instead, find shapes in the clouds or allow a picture on the wall to bring back a happy memory. 

The quiet hour is different from meditation or breath work or yoga. It’s time to just simply be, without distractions or an intention. It’s completely unplugging and decompressing from the stress of your everyday life. It’s an hour to do nothing other than exist. To remember that you are allowed a break and time for yourself. To be with yourself. 

The quiet hour is meant to be time to allow your mind and body to reconnect with each other and, in turn, with your higher self. When mind, body, and spirit connect, alignment and balance follows. People who feel aligned and balanced with their higher selves feel more satisfied and fulfilled by their daily lives. A balanced and aligned life.

And it can begin with one quiet hour a week. 


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