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What is Eclipse Season?

Eclipse season is a celestial cycle lasting about 35 days where we have a minimum of two eclipses.  Here on Earth, we generally have tw

o seasons a year. So that means four eclipses, which includes lunar and solar. We don't always get to see them because of the timing, the positioning of the Earth, and where we are in the seasons, but they are happening. 

Some witches don’t like to work with spell work or manifestation during an eclipse season or even during the actual eclipses because of the chaotic energy that an eclipse can bring. Sometimes sudden changes and transformations come with an eclipse. 

Other witches like to take advantage of the alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun during an eclipse to do their manifestation and spell work. It is all a personal choice and completely up to you. There's no right or wrong, especially in witchcraft. 

For everyone, an easy way to honor the eclipse and the eclipse season is to take some candles - blue, white, and yellow.  Light them while setting your intention to honor the Earth (blue), the Sun (yellow), and the Moon (white). Let them burn all the way down. Birthday candles work great for this type of ritual. 

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