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This dream journal kit comes with the following:


        Dream Manifestation / Spell Jar

        Mini Journal Notebook (5x3 - approx 30 pages)

        Purple Pen


The purpose of the is kit is to make you aware of the messages your dreams are telling you.  It's a great way to begin using your intuition. Place the jar by your bed each evening.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, write down everything you remember from your dream. Do this for 21-30 days.  See if you can recognize symbols and recurring themes.  Did you notice any messages??



A spell / manifestation jar to help facilitate sleep and protect you while dreaming. It will also help you remember your dreams. 


Each jar is made with specific energy and intention to boost your manifestations and dreams.  Cleansed with sound and palo santo, then created using the corresponding candle color, Wisconsin Moonstone, and quartz sand. This jar is specifically created and blessed under the Full Moon.  Before being sent to you, I recharge it with the intention that it helps you remember your dreams. 


This jar is best used by placing it on your nightstand or near your bed.  It can also be set under the bed, under the mattress or under your pillow (but it might be lumpy!). 


To recharge, place where it can receive full moon light.


Because each bottle is individually made, each may differ slightly, including the charm and shade of wax. Jar is 10ml.




*Do not consume or use for bathing. This info is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.*

Dream Jar Kit

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