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A spell / manifestation jar to increase protection and repel negativity in your life.


Each jar is made with specific energy and intention to boost your manifestations. Cleansed with sound and palo santo, then created using the corresponding candle color and herbs and flowers which symbolize protection and can be used against negativity. Before being sent to you, I recharge it with the intention that it brings you the protection you seek and aides in shielding you from negativity. 


Manifestation jars can be carried on your person, kept in a purse or bag, placed by your bedside or on a desk, held during meditation, or set on an alter.


To recharge, place where it can receive full moon light.


Because each bottle is individually made, each may differ slightly, including the charm and shade of wax. Jar is 10ml




*Do not consume or use for bathing. This info is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.*

Protection Manifestation Spell Jar

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