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Community Moon
Spells & Rituals

Pay What You May

sliding scale payment $11 - $111

Join our monthly community New & Full Moon Rituals!

I truly believe that not only is magic for everyone, it should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, these rituals are offered on sliding-scale payment system - you pay what you want between $11 and $111 per spell.   

Information about each moon and the ritual I will performing with it is included in my newsletter and posted on social media. 

Held on or around the full and new moons every month, each ritual focuses on the energy of the corresponding moon. 

I write our petitions, set our intentions, and include your name when I prepare our ceremonial candle.  Then, the magic happens... spells are cast and sorcery is invoked. Photos or a short video will be posted once I have completed my part and the spell is cast. 


As this is a "pay what you can" offer, please contact me directly to be included in our spell and to see payment options. 


Energy Clearing

Personal $55

Home / Property / Business $150

Guided by the tarot, I use a unique blend of modalities to identify and clear energetic blocks around your area of concern.


By shifting the frequencies around us, we are able to release the negative energy and make space for the positive.  Energy Clearing is different than healing - the energy around you is shifted, moved, and released. While it may result in a sense of relief, Energy Clearing is about awareness, centering, and attunement. It does not replace therapy, counseling, or medical advice. 

Energy Clearing is perfect for new homes/apartments or your place of business!  Remove leftover energies from former occupants, revitalize stagnant energy in your office, call in the positive energy of fresh starts and new beginnings. 

Energy Clearing is an individualized service, as each person's situation or space is different. Please contact me to set up your in-person or online session. 


Other Ceremonies
& Rituals

Throughout the year, additional ceremonies, spells, and rituals are offered. These include Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes, Halloween, and more.  I offer these as I feel called to. 

Information for these community offerings are included in my newsletter and posted on various social media sites, along with pricing. Most are pay-what-you-can. 

Be sure you are on my email list to be notified when they occur!

Workshops, Classes,
& Presentations

From teaching beginners the basics of Tarot to leading workshops showing how rituals increase productivity. I love sharing what I have learned and experienced in my years of spiritual work. 

I've listed some of my classes below and I'm happy to customize a lesson or presentation for any group.

  • Tarot for Beginners

  • The Story in the Tarot

  • Mundane to Meaningful - Rituals for the Workplace

  • Discover your Divination Destiny - Exploring Different Methods

  • Making a Magnificent Money Bowl

  • Intuition 101

  • Creating Your Vision - Vision Boards for Adults


If you are interested in having me teach or speak to your group or business, please contact me directly so that we can discuss your needs.   


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