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Spiritual Connection

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Effortless Magic.... Every Day

What if you could bring a little bit of magic into your every day life? Without giving up your current religious practice? Without a major time commitment? Without having to declare yourself a witch? What if you could just supplement the spiritual practice you already have? And if you don’t have one, The Boho Witchery is an easy place to start.  Here you can find guidance through divination, tools to help you manifest your dreams, and resources to get started on your spiritual journey.

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Intuition & Divination

Strengthen your intuition.
Practice your divination skills. 

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Other Services

Clarity & Insight. Energy Clearing.
Workshops. Private Events.

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Charm Meanings



Common Crystals

Healing Stones

Candle Colors

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Welcome to The Boho Witchery!

I’m Kelly and I’m so happy you are here!

I'm proud to have created a business where I'm able to combine intuitive guidance, tarot reading, and spiritual practices to not only empower individuals but guide them towards clarity, transformation, and possibilities in their personal lives and their careers or businesses.

Blending tarot, charm casting, energy healing, and a touch of magic, I'm able to guide my clients with navigating life's daily challenges and uncovering hidden potentials.  Because making the mundane magical is the first step in finding your way along your own spiritual journey. 

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